Medal of Good Boy Medal of Good Boy
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
This glittering bronze medal is a bonus awarded by a fairy to reward your "honesty". The inscription is also engraved with the encouragement of the fairy. "to Pinocchio. wood head may you be honest in life!"
See table below

Answer fairy question honestly to upgrade the medal

Source(s): Answer questions truthfully when using Pinocchio gumball

"Upgrading" the metal requires telling fairies the truth. However, for all but the fully upgraded form, the medal actually applies a penalty to Attack. To reach the final form, 50 fairies must be encountered and told the truth.

Truths Rank Stats
-/5 1 Attack-1
-/10 2 Attack-2
-/15 3 Attack-4
-/20 4 Attack-6
Complete 5 when attacking, 80% chance to make the enemy suffer Curse
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