Medal of Blood Tribe Medal of Blood Tribe
Source: Complete the Sky Maze Creepy Castle

Enhances all airship's fighting capacity

Level Stats Cost
1 Energy +1000, Speed+1 n/a
2 Energy +2000, Speed+2 Soul Crystal x50
Relic fragment x1500
3 Energy +3000, Speed+3 Soul Crystal x100
Relic fragment x3000
Energy Crystal of Adanos x1 (Lv.30)
4 Energy +4000, Speed+4 Arcane Crystal x50
Relics Fragment x4500
Energy Crystal of Ostarsos x1 (Lv.60)
5 Energy +5000, Speed+5 Arcane Crystal x100
Relics Fragment x6000
Energy Crystal of Andrass x1 (Lv.90)
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