Mechanical Tentacle Mechanical Tentacle
Rank: Variable Type: Armor
This mechanical tentacle that exudes a metallic luster, is the top result of the mechanical exoskeleton field. It is directly connected to your cerebral cortical nerve. You just need think of something and it can help you complete everything. This includes a variety of high-precision surgery, complex machining, difficult operations and the fight against a variety of extreme environments.
According to the level of Mechanical Tentacle, bring various effects (Upgrade by absorbing other "Armor": EXP 10/20/30/40/50/60)

"lv.5"5% chance to avoid enemy's counterattack when attacking
"lv.7"10% chance to avoid enemy's counterattack when attacking

City of Steam Upgrade: Mechanics Knowledge (Precise Mechanical Arm Manufacturing) provides: Defense +3
Source(s): Doctor Octopus
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