Adventurer's Forest, Ancient Arena, Avalon Fortress, Bloody Fortress, Borderland, Bracada College, Card Wonderland, Chaos Abyss, City of Steam, Cloud Island, Desert Oasis, Dracula's Castle, Eden's Land, Erathia, Forest of Whispers, Gods' Chessboard, Hell Frontier, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Pirate's Port, Saint's Tower, Skeleton Island, Spacecraft Ruins

Mazes (or Dungeons) are the first and primary gameplay in Gumballs and Dungeons as you begin the game. Later more areas such as Sky Exploration and Space will be unlocked.

Occasionally there will also be Event Instances available to explore for a limited time.

Each Maze unlocks at least one Gumball and a Hidden Gumball.

Once you've completed all the stages of a maze and you own Bandit, you will be able to perform Bandit's Raids on the maze for quicker rewards.

Completing Quests within a maze (DP "DP Quests") will give you some rewards at specific points of advancement and improve the rewards for raiding that maze at those some points. If you are in an Alliance, you can post a bounty so that your comrades may help complete a quest of your choosing.

Once you have unlocked the corresponding options, you can, at the start of a maze, select up to two extra gumballs as Soul-links, one Artifact and one Potion.

Most mazes played in endless mode will have you find the first Boss at depth "30" and then every 10 levels beyond that. Sky Mazes and Event Instances' mazes often have a boss on their last level. Some stages for regular mazes have a boss at the end.

To get stronger, and deeper into a maze you can feed, equip and raise the star level of your Gumballs, bring a potion, cast Spells, Skills, upgrade Titles and equip them with Equipment found in the maze.

If you are defeated and choose not to resurrect, you may find your tombstone and obtain a few items, scrolls and EP.

Maze mechanics Edit


List of Mazes Edit

Name Unlock req Released
Adventurer's Forest Complete the tutorial in the Alchemy Workshop
Hero's Village Achieve x total DP, complete adventurer's forest
Lost Temple Achieve x total DP, complete Hero's Village
Borderland Achieve x total DP, complete lost temple
Ancient Arena Achieve x total DP, complete borderland
Forest of Whispers Achieve x total DP, complete ancient arena
Saint's Tower Achieve x total DP, complete forest of whispers
Desert Oasis Achieve x total DP, complete saint's tower
Bloody Fortress Achieve x total DP, complete desert oasis
Dracula's Castle Achieve x total DP, complete bloody fortress
Skeleton Island Unlock in shop
Pirate's Port Unlock in shop
Avalon Fortress Shop 1.2.0
City of Steam Unlock Avalon Fortress and collect 12 map fragments 1.4.0
Spacecraft Ruins Alliance Shop - 10,000 alliance coins 1.6.0
Hell Frontier Unlock in shop 1.8.0
Erathia Collect 12 map fragments 1.9.0
Gods' Chessboard Alliance Shop - 10.000 alliance coins  ?
Eden's Land Repair Eden 2.3.0
Cloud Island 50 gems in shop 2.6.0
Chaos Abyss Achieve x total DP 2.9.x
Card Wonderland 50 gems in shop 3.2.5
Bracada College 50 gems in shop 3.4.1/2

Event Mazes Edit

See: Event Instances

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