Full Suit Bonus:

  • For every 30 enemies are killed, Attack and Power +1
  • When Mental is lower than 30, effect of all spells +60%
  • Master the spell The End of Destruction (can be cast once)
Name Rank Type Effect
Heart of Frost Fire
6 Necklace Ignores enemy Spell Resistance +10%

10% chance to cast Meteor Shower while attacking.

Source of Disaster
6 Ring Increase the effect of all Fire spells by 20%

Increase the effect of all Water spells by 20%

Evil Line Cloak
6 Cloak Wear the equipment for the first time, Mental -10

Recover MP +10 each time you enter the next floor

Doom Walker
6 Boots Dodge +10%

Max Dodge +5% Decrease the trap damage suffered +20%

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