Magic Toffee Magic Toffee
Type: Consumable
This taffy with the trademark of "Honeybee Duke Candy Shop" is very popular. It's not only delicious, but has excellent magic recovery effects.
Use: Recover 35% of MP
Source(s): Saint's Tower maze only:
  • Magic Shop purchase for 200EP
  • Rare steal from Arcane Snail
  • 3 Magic Toffee with God of Thieves or similar effect (1x/run, see God of Thieves Items)
  • Bunny in team: From silver and gold eggs
  • Adventurer in team: 5 toffees from a villager (1x/run)
  • Pirate in team: 2 toffees from a chest (1x/run)
  • Junkman in team: 2 toffees from a bin (1x/run)

In any maze:

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