Magic Rune Magic Rune
Type: Consumable
This rune consists of he purest magic elements, it just keeps on sparkling in the palm of your hand. Because of its active attributes, there are rarely any free drifting runes in nature. Those you can find on the market are most likely man-made.
Magic material for combining scrolls. Make sure you keep it safe.

Requires Arcane Crucible from Holy Rune Master title to be actually usable:

  • Consume 1 rune to combine 2 rank 1/2 scrolls into 1 rank 2/3 scroll of the same element.
  • Consume 2 runes to combine 2 rank 3/4 scrolls into 1 rank 4/5 scrolls of the same element
  • Cannot create Portal of Earth through combination.
Source(s): Various sources:
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