Magic Golem Magic Golem Gold Statue
Trial requirement Magic Golem evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Magic Puppet's Pearl x10, Gem x5, Coin x100000

Pearl Cost

10x Magic Golem Pearl
1x Bounty Hunter Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Soul Crystal
2x Olin Bloss (Lv. 120)
2x Theia (Lv.240)
2x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Armor+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1:
  • Dismantle pillar: gives an item (Heart of Spell): power +3, MP+100, can deal 3x damage for 50 MP when you attack.
  • Level up "Magic Apprentice > White Mage > Bishop".
  • It is very important to unequip the item when you do not want to use its special. You are wasting MP if your attack isn't maxed.
  • Unequip the gem and attack twice.
  • Equip the gem for the +3 power, then stoneskin against the big attack. Heal and Shield, and you'll notice your attack go up +5 for healing.
  • Unequip the gem again and attack until its time to stoneskin again.
  • Equip the gem and stoneskin, then immediately cast bless, and light him up. Eat his next big attack so you don't dismiss bless early. You'll take a lot of damage but you'll do a lot too.
  • You won't have enough MP to unequip the gem anymore, so stoneskin and heal up until you're under 50 MP so you don't burn it on one last attack. Time stoneskin and bless to finish him off.

Method 2:

  • Activate pillar (+10 dmg, +10 pwr, +1 round of Stoneskin,+50% of Stoneskin).
  • Learn titles to gain Ice Shields (Magic Apprentice -> White Mage -> Bishop)
  • Activate Stoneskin when boss attack counter is at 1. That way you will have one Stoneskin active for two strong boss attacks.
  • In between, use Cure, Ice Shield or Bless and just then attack boss.

Method 3:

  • For low stats, it could be well working.
  • Activate pillar and learn titles Magic Apprentice x2 -> White Mage -> Bishop
  • Use Ice Shield, hit the ennemy once, now you should see the boss remain turn at 1, then use Stoneskin (it lasts for 2 boss attack).
  • Use Cure and hit as long as Stoneskin is active, then Bless.
  • Hit 2 times, and take another Stoneskin.
  • Take a cure, and Ice Shield. Hit one as long as Stoneskin is active.
  • After, continue with Bless and Stoneskin when the Boss counter is at 1, and repeat process wisely, you should succeed. Don't forget to use Bless when Stoneskin is deactivated only.

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