Mage of Destruction Mage of Destruction
Magic Title
Main Effect 12% Chance to convert the spell to Armageddon while casting Fire Ball
Bonus Effect Enhance Power: +3/6/9. Increase conversion chance by 6/9/12%

Enhance MP: +60/120/180. Increase effect of Armageddon by 25/50/75%
Enhance HP: +40/80/120. Receive Fire Ball x5

Artifact Bonus Mage of Destruction's Ring: Power +2/4/6 Enhance to immediately receive Fire Ball x5/5/5
EP 500 per upgrade (5000 total, up to 6500 total with the corresponding +6 artifact).

Magic Apprentice
Black Mage
White Mage
Priest (Title)
Fire Master
Dark Master
Earth Master
Air Master
Light Master
Water Master
Mage of Destruction
Mage of Destruction
Lord of the Elements
Dark Priest
Planar Prophet
Legendary Mage
Time Lord
Light Bishop
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