Mage Mage Gold Statue
Trial requirement Mage evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Golden Pot x1, Mage Pearl x3, 100000 C

Pearl Cost

10x Mage Pearl
1x Death Knight Pearl

Statue Cost

80 Crystal
2x Olin Bloss (Lv. 120)
3x Oceanus (Lv. 210)
1x Koios (Lv. 270)

Statue Bonus Attack+1, Power+5

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1:

Method 2:

  • Level up 1 of each tier of Magic Apprentice, White Robe, Oracle then cast 2 fireballs.
  • Pick up both totems then get 1 Oracle, 3 Water Master and 1 ArchBishop.
  • If Maxed Food that should put your EP at 0.
  • then do Icicle, Icicle, Fireball, Iceshield, "cure if HP is lower then 190, if not Icicle" Fireball, Icicle, Icicle, Cure, Iceshield, Icicle, Icicle, Iceshield, Fireball, Icicle Iceshield.
  • If you get an Aura Barrier on 2nd or 3rd Ice Shield, most likely you'll have a victory.
  • It's not 100% but if you repeat the pattern you will most likely win within 3 tries, 1 Aurora Barrier RNG works good, 2 is even better.
  • P.S. must be maxed food Hellfire, weapon is useful but not necessary, and may be able to do it prior to the end of my list if lucky and getting 2 Aurora Barriers.

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