Available Fashions for Mage. All fashion improves Sky energy by 250 in addition to (if any) other listed benefits.

Icon Name Effect Source
Mage Fashion1
New Year's Costume No effect Purchased at Oriental Celebration event.
Mage Fashion2
White Mage Dress Power+1 Build its statue in Fane Expansion then use the gumball in any maze until the fashion appears in the form of
Mage Fashion3
Steampunk No effect Inviting 3 new adventurer
Mage Fashion4
??? No effect
Mage Fashion5
??? No effect
Mage Fashion6
??? No effect
Mage Fashion7
??? No effect
Mage Fashion8
Summer Element's Dress No effect Obtained from code generated at
User ID in upper left box, registered email in lower box, hit bottom button.
Mage Fashion9
TapTap Exclusive Costume No effect TapTap event or put "tarara" in secret code.
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