Machine altar

The Machine Altar accepts mechanical or technologically advanced items.

Item Source Reward
War Chip Machine Herald main carry 30 Gem
Demon Camera Paparazzi 25 Gem
Dimension Bag Future Cat main carry 25 Gem
Energy Cog Machinist 25 Gem
Goblin's Device Skeleton Island item 25 Gem
Transform Chip X1000 Terminator upon using Time Machine 25 Gem
Red chips from Avalon From Avalon: Nerve Conduction, Upgrade action potential, Sensibilization Triangle, Semi-conduction, Movement of Blood, Cyperus 20 Gem
Mechanical Tentacle Doctor Octopus 20 Gem
Miniature Power Furnace Eden's Land with God of Thieves 20 Gem
Broken Puppet Puppeteer (when puppet dies) Golden Pot x5
Gark3 Armor main carry (Also drop/steal from him in Ancient Arena) Golden Pot x5
Grenade Launcher MM1 Spacecraft Ruins, City of Steam Golden Pot x5
Lance's Game Cassette Chuchu: Dropped by Infected Lance Golden Pot x5
Nuke Missile Machinist Golden Pot x5
Time Machine (Future Cat) Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Golden Pot x5
Vosebarker's Cloak Holy Blacksmith with Alchemist, Adventurer in Avalon Fortress Golden Pot x5
Monster Timer Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Golden Pot x3
Light and Dark Timer Black & White Queen Golden Pot x3
UFO Transmitter Alien Golden Pot x3
Some of Cytus memories From Cytus: Divine Dragon's Memory, The King's Memory, Sunflower's Memory, Faerie Dragon's Memory, Elemental Memory, Dracula's Memory, Saint's Memory Golden Pot x3
Burst Rocket Machinist Gumball Pot x5
Alien Helmet Predator main carry, also found in Lost Temple Gumball Pot x5
Desert Eagle Lost Temple item Gumball Pot x5
Rabbit's Watch Found in Adventurer's Forest maze Gumball Pot x3
Gatlin Gun Found in Pirate's Port Gumball Pot x3
Music Box Hero's Village Gumball Pot x3
Flame Thrower M2 Spacecraft Ruins Adventure Relics x5
Repeating Shotgun M1887 Found in Adventurer's Forest with God of Thieves title Adventure Relics x5
Tin Man's Heart Ancient Arena, dropped by special lounge enemy Adventure Relics x5
Electrical Helmet Found in Borderland maze Magic Relics x5
Time Machine (Terminator) Terminator main carry Melee Relics x5
Nanoscale Repair Kit Found in Eden's Land maze Melee Relics x5
The Third Arm Found in Hero's Village maze Melee Relics x5
Blue chips from Avalon From Avalon: Nano Repair Procedures, Electronic Layer Enhancement, Power of Sol, Axis Cell Synapses Adventure Relics x3
Flexible Robotic Arm Item from Gods' Chessboard Adventure Relics x3
Associative Inference Magnifier Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Adventure Relics x3
Shoulder Bazooka LAW80 Item from Spacecraft Ruins Melee Relics x3

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