(requires 10 dp to unlock)
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|source=Unlock after [[Hero's Village]] with at least 10 dp
|normal=[[Mage]] & [[Predator]] gumball
|normal=[[Mage]] & [[Predator]] gumball
|raidgumball=[[Totem Warlock]]
|raidgumball=[[Totem Warlock]]

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Adventurer's Forest, Ancient Arena, Avalon Fortress, Bloody Fortress, Borderland, Bracada College, Card Wonderland, Chaos Abyss, City of Steam, Cloud Island, Desert Oasis, Dracula's Castle, Eden's Land, Erathia, Forest of Whispers, Gods' Chessboard, Hell Frontier, Hero's Village, Lost Temple, Pirate's Port, Saint's Tower, Sdorica, Skeleton Island, Spacecraft Ruins
Lost Temple
Lost Temple
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock after Hero's Village with at least 10 dp
Normal reward Mage & Predator gumball
Raid boost Totem Warlock
Raid reward Crystal, Soul Crystal +8

Complete this maze to get the Mage Gumball.

Hidden Gumball


To get the Predator gumball

  • Find the Alien Helmet in a lower floor level (you may have to S/L 30 if you get the Predator Gene from Strange Remains).
  • After 50F the Predator Gumball will appear on a random floor. Look carefully as he will appear a bit ghastly if you aren't wearing the helmet.
  • Wear the Helmet and pay him 500,000 Coins to recruit.
  • For 20 fragments, Encounter him like normal while wearing helmet. Helmet may be acquired from predator corpse or from using Predator as main gumball. Does not require payment.


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Earth Elemental
Elemental Creature (Earth): Immune to earth spell

Guardian: Resist damage for party members of other type
Spiked Shell: Reflect 30% of damage taken back to the attacker.

Water Elemental
Elemental Creature (Water): Immune to Water spells

Tranquil Rain: Increase the HP of ally every 2 rounds

Fire Elemental
Elemental Creature (Fire):Immune to Fire spell

Burning: Counter attacks inflicts Burning effect (lose HP each round, lasts 3 round)

Air Elemental
Elemental Creature (Air): Immune to air spells

Dodge: Possess high dodge (25%)

Rock Golem
Launches and attack once every 2 rounds EP Quenching Essence
Lord of xxx Elemental Found in the Altar Ruins once per run.

Same skills as the corresponding Elemental.
Better stats and bigger picture than the matching elemental

Stone Colossus
See boss section Crystal Skull One of:


Floor Attack HP Physical

Resistance (X)


Resistance (Y)

30 20 382 30% 10%
40 36 771 30% 10%
50 62 1501 30% 10%
60 109 2825 40% 20%
70 177 5228 40% 20%
80 240 9510 40%
90 540 17132 50% 30%
100 913 29010 50% 30%


  • Statue's Fury: Cast once every 3 rounds (Summon Rock Golem when Anger is full. Otherwise, cause 300% damage to Gumball)
  • Demonized Armor: Physical Resistance +X%, Spell Resistance + Y%. Increase Fury when Suffering Spell Damage

Note: fury is generated on PER HIT of spells, not on PER CAST. This means for spells like meteor shower EACH hit will generate fury. Some other things will also generate fury like the automatic arrow shot from Great Elf King or active skills like Batto-Jutsu.

Special Occurrences

Elemental Altars

Elemental Altar

Altars appear close to the entry point on every non-special floor. You can insert 3 crystals to get an effect. The first 2 inserted crystals will also damage a random enemy. Be aware however that if the random target enemy is an elemental matching the crystal inserted, it will be immune to that damage.

Altar Results Table

Legend: Fire=RED=R Earth=ORANGE=O Water=BLUE=B Air=GREEN=G

Combination Result Type
OOO(ECECEC) MP +15 Enhancement
BBB(WCWCWC) HP +15 Enhancement
RRR(FCFCFC) Attack +1 Enhancement
GGG(ACACAC) Power +1 Enhancement
OOB(ECECWC) Receive Knight's Helmet Treasure
BBR(WCWCFC) Cast Recovering Spell
RRG(FCFCAC) Cast Blade of Ruin Spell
GGO(ACACEC) Receive Lightning Boots Treasure
OOR(ECECFC) Receive Apprentice's Amulet Treasure
BBG(WCWCAC) Receive Water Spirit's Cape Treasure
RRO(FCFCEC) Cast Armageddon Spell
GGB(ACACWC) Receive 3 Star Mints Item
OOG(ECECAC) Receive Granite Gloves Treasure
BBO(WCWCEC) Cast Aurora Barrier Spell
RRB(FCFCWC) Cast Implosion Spell
GGR(ACACFC) Receive 5 Vanilla Flour Item
OBO(ECWCEC) Summon Workshop Shop
BRB(WCFCWC) Summon Fountain Misc
RGR(FCACFC) Receive 3 Fantasy Fruits Item
GOG(ACECAC) Receive 100 EP Enhancement
ORO(ECFCEC) Receive 5 Magic Irons Item
BGB(WCACWC) Receive 3 Fairy Spring Item
ROR(FCECFC) Receive Apprentice's Ring Treasure
GBG(ACWCAC) Summon Scroll Shop Shop
OGO(ECACEC) Receive 5 Lizard's Spawn Item
BOB(WCECWC) Receive Knight's Armor Treasure
RBR(FCWCFC) Summon Treasure Shop Shop
GRG(ACFCAC) Cast Fist of Heaven Spell
OBB(ECWCWC) Cast Feature Erasing Spell
BRR(WCFCFC) Cast Recovering Spell
RGG(FCACAC) Receive 5 Cream Berry Item
GOO(ACECEC) Receive 1000 Coins Item
ORR(ECFCFC) Receive 3 Dark Steels Item
BGG(WCACAC) Receive 5 Magic Bean Pods Item
ROO(FCECEC) Cast Armageddon Spell
GBB(ACWCWC) Cast Timestill Spell
OGG(ECACAC) Cast Gravity Spell
BOO(WCECEC) Cast Aurora Barrier Spell
RBB(FCWCWC) Cast Feature Erasing Spell
GRR(ACFCFC) Cast Chain Lightning Spell
OBR(ECWCFC) Cast Super Earthquake Spell
BRG(WCFCAC) Receive 3 Soul Crystals Item
RGO(FCACEC) Receive 1000 Coins Item
GOB(ACECWC) Receive Knight's Belt Treasure
ORB(ECFCWC) Cast Implosion Spell
BGO(WCACEC) Cast Hex Spell
RBG(FCWCAC) Receive Fire Warlock's Necklace Treasure
GOR(ACECFC) Receive Apprentice's Boots Treasure
OGB(ECACWC) Receive 3 Blue Crystal Gel Item
BRO(WCFCEC) Receive 5 Crystals Item
ROG(FCECAC) Cast Blade of Ruin Spell
GBR(ACWCFC) Cast Chain Lightning Spell
OGR(ECACFC) Cast Super Earthquake Spell
BOG(WCECAC) Cast Fist of Heaven Spell
RBO(FCWCEC) Summon Air Elemental Enemy
GRB(ACFCWC) Cast Timestill Spell
OBG(ECWCAC) Cast Gravity Spell
BGR(WCACFC) Summon Earth Elemental Enemy
ROB(FCECWC) Receive Knight's Gloves Treasure
GRO(ACFCEC) Cast Hex Spell
ORG(ECFCAC) Summon Water Elemental Enemy
BOR(WCECFC) Receive Apprentice's Cape Treasure
RGB(FCACWC) Receive 100 EP Enhancement
GBO(ACWCEC) Summon Fire Elemental Enemy



Generated by the Altar (ECWCEC), this building lets you can upgrade equipment. Each workshop lets you upgrade one item of your choice from any of the Melee or Magic Suits (Knight's Suit, Apprentice Suit...). The upgrade costs some EP based on the rank of the upgraded item. The result is the corresponding item from the next suit higher up the chain.

Fountain of Fortune

Generated by the altar, this building lets you spend 100 EP to upgrade a random attribute

Other Encounters

Elemental Caves

They come in 4 versions: Fire, Water, Air , Earth.

  • Enter cave to fight four matching elementals.
  • Each cave contains a mine that gives matching crystals
  • Cave will also contain an extra item if you learned the God of Thieves adventure title.
Cave Crystal Blue

Water Cave

Elemental Mine Water

Water Mine

Unique Elemental Altar

These come in 4 variants: Water, Air, Fire, Earth:

  • Use three of the matching element crystals to unlock a portal
  • Once unlocked, the altar transforms into Altar Ruins that you can enter.
  • Fight a giant elemental to get it's Elemental Heart, some crystals, some spells and three items from the matching elemental set
  • Only one appears each run, totally at random
  • You can use S/L 30 if you need a different one for DP quests.
Earth Altar
Earth Altar Open

Tip: Don't miss it as these altars are necessary for what are probably the most annoying DP quests of this Maze.

Statue of Aioria (looks like grim reaper)

  • Shadowy outline, look carefully
  • Must wear Alien Helmet to interact
  • (1st attempt) Teleports to a floor with 25 gems and crafting materials (300 soul, 100 arcane, 30 holy crystals).
  • Floor 51+ (Found on floor 52 and 63)


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Adventurer's Remains (Floor 1)
Adventurer's Remains
Jones' Diary and a Crystal Skull Jone's Soul: Receive 1 Elemental crystal each floor
Strange Remains (Predator) (1x)
Predator's Remains
Alien Helmet or Predator Gene Predator's Soul: Hunting Ceremony Status (causes extra 300% damage when attacking a Boss. Lasts 1 floor)
Bear Grylls's Corpse (1x)
Bear Grylls's Corpse
Ragged Recipe Bear Grylls's Soul: Immune to all abnormal condition
Pilgrim's Remains (Multiple spawns)
Pilgrim's Remains
Spells, parts of Mage's Suit, or crystals Complete Pilgrim's Soul: Attack+1 Power+1

Broken Pilgrim's Soul: Recover 20 HP and MP

Strange Remains (Alien) (1x)
Alien Remains
Alien Spawn Alien's Soul: Cause extra 10% damage when attacking elemental
Woman's Remains (1x)
Lara Croft Remains
Desert Eagle Laura's Soul: Desert Eagle power enhanced

Note: Predator's Remains seems bound to appear on floor 29 if you haven't found them earlier.

Out-of-Maze Loot

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.


  • Damage from crystals used at the altar is based on power stat
  • Beams from placing crystals count as a spell of their element, and will be buffed by associated talents. For example, water beams from blue crystals will be boosted if Poseidon is in the current party.
  • Soul Reaper's Talent will not work since Elementals are not alive enemies.
  • The Fountain is also considered a "Building" for purposes of the DP quest
  • It is possible to obtain high level armor by summoning low level armor and the workshop. (I obtained a full suit of Oracle armor at floor 28)


Description DP Notes
S Get Ragged Recipe x3 2 Found by searching Bear Gryll's corpse (once per run)
S Get Alien Helmet x3 3 Found by searching predator's corpse (50/50 chance, once per run)
S Get Predator Gene x3 2 Found by searching predator's corpse (50/50 chance, once per run)

Can also be found in a cave with God of Thieves title.

S Get Alien Spawn x3 2 Found by searching alien's corpse (once per run)
S Get Lord of Earth Elemental's Heart x2 2 Use Bandit or Kaito to steal from the boss or wait for the special altar and use three of the same element crystals. You can use the S/L 30 method to push the altar further into the maze and change the element.

Note: Steals are also possible with Future Cat and Bloody Wolf but you are unlikely to wait to get them before completing this maze DP quests and their steals are less reliable anyway.

S Get Lord of Fire Elemental's Heart x2 2 ""
S Get Lord of Water Elemental's Heart x2 2 ""
S Get Lord of Air Elemental's Heart x2 2 ""
S Kill enemy with Desert Eagle x20 2 Get if by searching Lara Croft's corpse (once per run)
G Kill Earth Elemental x60 1
G Kill Water Elemental x60 1
G Kill Fire Elemental x60 1
G Kill Air Elemental x60 1
G Kill Rock Golem x30 1
G First Boss Kill 3
G Kill Boss x3 3
G Clear Earth Elemental Cave x3 1
G Clear Water Elemental Cave x3 1
G Clear Fire Elemental Cave x3 1
G Clear Air Elemental Cave x3 1
S Reach floor 40 1
S Reach floor 50 2
S Reach floor 60 3
G Search Pilgrim's Remains x10 2
G Use Holy Alter to kill enemy x150 3
G Place Water Crystal x80 2
G Place Earth Crystal x80 2
G Place Fire Crystal x80 2
G Place Air Crystal x80 2
G Summon Elemental with Altar x20 2
G Get Ingredients with Altar x20 2
G Get Equipment with Altar x20 1
G Summon Building with Altar x20 2
G Enhance Attribute with Altar x40 2
G Cast Spell with Altar x20 2
G Get Coins with Altar x10 2
G Get EP with Altar x20 2
G Activate all Diary records 3
G Disenchant Equipment x20 2
G Basic Power reaches 20 2
G Get Hidden Gumball 5 See hidden gumball section

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