Lion's Diary Lion's Diary
Type: Consumable
..."August 4th" Scarecrow laughed at me today. He said it was hard to understand why a lion wrote diary. How can I explain? Should I eat him? Should I call him a fool?

..."August 5th" Tin Man and Scarecrow got Dorothy drunk today. I swear on my mane. Dorothy was not drunk. I know her...
..."August 6th" We defeated a powerful squad today, especially the leader in tights. His shield can easily resist our attack. In the end. Dorothy and I put on a show. I pretended to lose control and knocked down Dorothy. The man bought it.
..."August 7th" Oz came here. Why didn't he come the day before yesterday? He missed a good show.

Use: EP+500
Source(s): Found in Ancient Arena
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