Lightning Totem Lightning Totem
Type: Consumable
This ancient totem is painted with lightning-shaped curse runes. You get numb feeling when you touch it.
Use: places one Lightning Totem (only valid in the target floor), and adds extra effect based on the Totem Warlock Gumball's Skill.

Totem deals Air damage to the enemy each round.

  • Totem Control Lv.1 : Lightning Totem Attack +15
  • Totem Control Lv.2 : Lightning Totem Attack +15 (total = 30)
  • Totem Control Lv.3 : Lightning Totem Attack +15 (total = 45)
  • Totem Control Lv.4 : Lightning Totem Attack +15 (total = 60)
  • Totem Control Lv.5 : Activate the potential energy of Lightning Totem : 50% chance of Totem dealing double damage
Source(s): Carried by Totem Warlock

Round Table Conference - Religious Issue


  • Enemies immune to Air Spells are immune to this
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