This suit is related to the Hell Frontier maze

Full Suit Bonus:

  • Attack+10%
  • Inflict extra 50% damage when attacking Demon and Undead
  • Upon Gumball's death, 20% chance to recover HP by 100%
Name Rank Type Effect
Holy Thorns Crown Holy Thorns Crown 6 Head Attack +8

Suffer 5% damage every floor

Turin Shroud Turin Shroud 6 Armor HP+100

Holy Rebirth spell efffect +100%

Spear of Longinus Spear of Longinus 6 Treasure Attack +5

When attacking Undead and Demon, 20% chance of instant kill (invalid against BOSS)

Holy Scarab Holy Scarab 6 Necklace MP+100

Increase the effect of Aid spells by 30%

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