This suit of Light-focused armor bolsters your Light magic spells and grants you a scroll-free 1st level offensive Light attack (damage = Power + the 25% buff this armor gives all Light magic.)

The 5 components of the suit can be found in the Armor Shop, but the parts can also be stolen (by using Bandit Claw or Silver Hand) from the Summoners and the BOSS (Astana's Projection) located in the Saint's Tower.

Full suit effect:

  • Power+12 Attack+12
  • Increase al Light magic effect by 25%
  • Receive Elemental Orb (The spell doesn't use any scrolls)
  • If you have Light Elemental, you will have the ability to fuse all pieces of the Light Mastery Suit into a Holy Light Orb (Treasure slot).

The spell received is :

  • Light Elemental Ball, Rank 1, 6MP : Power+3 Damage to a single target (+ boost including at least the 25% provided by this very suit)

Name Rank Type Effect
White Pearl White Pearl 1 Treasure HP+5

Bless spell effect +25%

Bishop's Cape Bishop's Cape 2 Cloak MP+10

Holy Bolt spell effect +25%

Ring of Faith Ring of Faith 3 Ring Power+2

Divine Favor spell effect +25%

Holy Inquisitor's Gloves Holy Inquisitor's Gloves 4 Gloves Attack +3

Fist of Heaven spell effect +25%

Pope's Belt Pope's Belt 5 Belt HP+40

Holy Rebirth spell effect +25%

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