Light Arbiter Light Arbiter
Melee Title
Main Effect Each time when you kill an enemy, 10% chance to cast Holy Bolt
Bonus Effect Enhance Attack: Attack +2/4/6, Trigger chance of Holy Bolt +10/15/20%

Enhance Power: Power +3/6/9, Increase effect of Holy Bolt by 25/50/75%
Enhance HP: HP +60/120/180, Increase extra damage by 25/50/75% to undead by Holy Bolt

Artifact Bonus Amulet of Light Arbiter: Attack +2, Enhance to directly receive Holy Bolt x4
EP 500 per upgrade (5000 total, up to 6500 total with the corresponding +6 artifact).

Novice Warrior
Magic Warrior
Sword Dancer
Silver Knight
Knight of Faith
Shadow Warrior
Dragon Warrior
Great Sword Master
Royal Knight
Heavy Armor Knight
Templar (Title)
Dark Arbiter
Duke of Destruction
War God of Hell
Sword Sage
Warrior (Title)
Imperial Commander
Titan Knight
Light Paladin
Light Arbiter
Light Arbiter
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