Lifeguard Statue (Checkers) Lifeguard Statue
Type: Summons
This black chess piece is the Pawn. It looks like a soldier's helmet arid is usually placed in the frontline of other chess piece. It can only move forward.
Use: Summon the Lifeguard (Only valid in the target floor)

The Lifeguard receives bonus based on Checkers Gumball's skill:
"Checkers Troop Lv. 1" Inherits Checkers' 50% attributes
"Checkers Troop Lv. 2" Learns the feature of Valor
"Checkers Troop Lv. 3" Inherits Checkers' 80% HP
"Checkers Troop Lv. 4" Inherits Checkers' 80% attack
"Checkers Troop Lv. 5" Learns the feature of Revenge Halo.

Source(s): Spawned by Checkers


  • Valor: Enhances Attack by 2 each round
  • Revenge Halo: When entering a battle, Gumball's attack is able to additionally blood leech (Transfers 20% of damage suffered to HP.)
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