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Lich's Bone Boots.png Lich's Bone Boots
Rank: Variable Type: Boots
This pair of bone boots is made of skull and shin bones, only the most extremist necromancer would wear them. When you walk, the skull on the boots will begin to talk, mostly of trivial matters that had happened before its death, boring and meaningless. It spoke fast with a thick accent and many grammar mistakes, all makes you want to kill it again. The good news is when you get used to the chatter (which also depends on different personalities), your enemies will be the ones suffering this torment.
Attack +1 (+1 per level)

Decrease curse effect by 20/40/60/80% (Immune at level 5)
10% chance to curse the enemy during your attack
Can enhance this equipment on Undead Experiment Table

Source(s): Created in Borderland maze