Legendary Bow Legendary Bow
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Relic
This unremarkable crossbow looks just like the standard army crossbow. In fact, it was produced this way on purpose to suit its previous owner, Stanwyck, the Legendary Arrow. Stanwyck came from a long line of mages.His father, uncles, siblings and cousins were all gifted with magic talents, but he was the only exception. At the age of 18, he was still unable to activate the lowest level magic crystal. His family expelled him to become a junior scout in the front troops of Aoluwei. The story thereafter is widely known by all: Stanwyck discovered his astonishing talent in archery during his service in the army. His arrows flew faster than lightning. He was capable of holding his own against an entire division of enemy archers. Stanwyck was credited for innumerable victories for the kingdom.

Inflicts 10/15/20% extra damage when you attack Undead
Automatically shoots an enemy every 5 rounds (Damage dealt equals to Gumball's basic attack. Half the effect against BOSS)

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Blasting Science Knowledge (Joseph Automatic Reloading Machine) provides: When Legendary Bow automatic shooting, increases Power by 20%

Blasting Science Knowledge (Fire Control System Enhancement) provides: When Gumball controls Avalon Cannon, Power+5

City of Steam Upgrade: Mechanics Knowledge (Alloy Saw Web Manufacturing) provides: Attack+3

Mechanics Knowledge (Patrick Release Bearing) provides: 5% chance to avoid enemy's counterattack when attacking

Source(s): Upgrade from Demon Hunter's Bow by Legendary Hunter title. Upgrades to Demon Hunter Title will also upgrade this item.
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