Heraclius Sacrificial Offering Book Legend of Demigod Lich
Type: Misc
There are various legends about the demigod lich Fliamir. Maybe he is a unique and independent evil spirit who is hiding from his countrymen. He is possibly the first of all the necromancers because he possesses the most powerful spirit curse.

However, all guesses may be unrelated to the truth. In the Chaos Abyss, demons always see the shrivelled body of Fliamir drifting in the sky. Demons who want to talk to him always get a silent response and get cursed, it seems they suddenly become senile. Yes, just show your respect to him, but never get close to him!

[...] (List of all faith rewards : see Bloody Fortress)

No stats.
Source(s): Floor 1 bookshelf in Bloody Fortress
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