Le Pipa Le Pipa
Type: Consumable
This Pipa exudes a cold atmosphere. When you touch it, it sends out a sad and shrill sound: "Why do you betray me?" Lemon, who plays Pipa to make a living, and O-Iwa, a poor woman, are a couple. Lemon is tired of this poor life. In order to pursue Miss Amei of the Ito family, he discards O-Iwa, who is already pregnant, and leaves alone. O-Iwa, who is a hindrance to her husband's remarriage, is poisoned by Miss Amei and dies tragically. Since then, O-Iwa turned into a devil and began to tangle with this man who once betrayed her...
Use: Obtain 300 EP

When upgrading Adventure Title, EP consumption decreases by 5%

Source(s): Cloud Island: God of Thieves encounter
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