This is the capital planet of Space/M04.

Reputation rewards Edit

At a certain number of Friendliness you will get additional rewards:

Plunder rewards Edit

  1. Plunder 1: Element Group 529/546/473/607 E 2,458,350 - 8k Lamour Coin, Wonder Blueprint, 45k Uranium Ore, 45k Electricity
  2. Plunder 2: Element Group 574/507/668/557 E 2,737,500 - 10k Lamour Coin, Eden and Clone Accelerators 60m x6, 45k Gas
  3. Plunder 3: Element Group 675/576/527/675 E 3,025,700 - 12k Lamour Coin, Light Elemental (Clone) gene (higher clone), 75k Uranium Ore, 75k Electricity
  4. Plunder 4: Element Group 646/595/708/708 E 3,453,375) - 15k Lamour Coin, 3x Cultivation and Maintenance Accelerators(3h), 75k Gas
  5. Plunder 5: Element Group 729/607/672/758 E 3,688,675 - 18k Lamour Coin, Element Contract (used to unlock gumball), 6x Eden Accel(60m), 3x Eden Accel(8h)

Note: -20 Friendliness for each plunder

Tech Edit

Spiritual Elemental costs:

  • 3600/7200/10800 Lamour Coin and 7/14/21 hours duration at 100% efficiency

Clones upgrades costs:

  • 4800/9600/14400 Lamour Coin and 9/18/27 hours duration at 100% efficiency

Gifts Edit

Trade Edit

Trade must be done to increase the sector's completion rate.

Mineral Edit

The planet may be mined, which will reward Sabnock coins

Explore Edit

Exploration willl unlock more "special place" interations.

Shops Edit

Quests Edit

  • Elemental Temple -> [Greet] -> Gives 5 Friendship and Unlocks Crystal Uplands and Great Rift Valley
  • Elemental Temple -> [I have found the Plains of Perth]
  • Elemental Temple -> [I have found the Place of Origin] -> Donate all elements to Place of Origin -> [I have repaired the Place of Origin -> 10k L-Coin, 3x Uranium Ore Storage, 3x Gas Storage, 3x Electricity Storage,5x Celestial Crystal I, Unlock Plains of Perth battle
  • Elemental Temple -> [How to go deep into the whirlpool] -> Unlock Shady Lane on Burt
  • Elemental Temple -> [I have killed the Chaos Elemental -> 15k L-Coins, 30x Rune Slate I, 30x Lamour Ore I, 15x Celestial Crystal I, 30x Elemental Ash, Friendliness +10
  • Crystal Uplands -> [Prepare military supplies] -> Donate below resources -> [Thank you for your help] -> Seed of Light
    • 60k Gas -> 6k Lamour Coin
    • 80k Electricity -> 8k Lamour Coin
    • 100k Uranium Ore -> 10k Lamour Coin
  • Place of Origin -> [Investigate] -> Can donate a "pure" elemental energy of each type
    • Seed of Light -> 3x Advanced Propellant
    • Fertile Soil -> Earth Elemental source (gene)
    • Titan's Mark -> 10x Celestial Crystal I
    • Eye of Flame -> Fire Elemental source (gene)
    • Ice Crystal Tears -> 5x Cultivation Accel(8h)
    • Shadow Dragon Scale -> 12x Eden Accel(3h)
  • Plains of Perth -> [Investigate] -> 3x rainbow crystal, 20x Lamour Ore, 20x Elemental Ash
    • Battle (unlock at Elemental Temple) - Dark Elemental Legion (5 Waves - 520-702, 489-638, 492-684, 552-660, 13.6m) - Dark Elemental source (gene), 2x Eden Accel(24h)
  • Mana Furnace -> [Help the old mage deliver goods] -> Finish Below Deliveries -> [Study its use] -> "Wait 3 hours" -> [I want to build Netherstorm] -> Costs 20k L-Coins, Unlocks Netherstorm Airship and Shop
    • Tavar Watchtower -> 3x Primary Propellant, Receipt -> [Submit Receipt] -> 32k Electricity, 40k Gas
    • Rodo Dark Forest -> 2x Advanced Propellant, Receipt -> [Submit Receipt] -> 40k Uranium Ore, 48k Gas
    • Auch Null Moon Island -> Energy Furnace Component, Receipt -> [Submit Receipt] -> 48k Uranium Ore, 56k Electricity
  • Mysterious Relics -> [Open the relics] -> Mana Furnace -> [Help me open the relics] -> Pay 88k each resource (rewards from Mana Furnace receipts) -> Mysterious Relics -> [Open the relics] -> Unlock Mysterious Relics maze. -> Solve Puzzle -> Shadow Dragon Scale, Phoenix Clone Gene
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