Killer's Diary Killer's Diary
Type: Consumable
..."June 9" Another government officer was cleared. But such an easy assassination is really boring. When can I catch up with the pace of Bloody Wolf if this continues?

..."July 1" I even received a secret letter from Bloody Wolf which entrusts me to kill Sheriff Blue Shark. This is a big deal! Strange. why doesn't he do it himself?
..."July 2" Today. I searched the information and found that Blue Shark is a hardy character. Last time the police station suffered a bomb attack. all the policemen died except from him!
..."July 3" Hey! Today. Bloody Wolf urged me to start work soon! Could it be that Blue Shark has something on him?
..."July 6" It is said that Blue Shark will appear at Airship Ruins tonight. I'll be there waiting for him!

Use: Attack +1, Defense +1
Source(s): Found in Spacecraft Ruins maze.
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