Key of Time Key of Time
Type: Consumable
This key is very light. When you hold it in your hand, it feels like it doesn't even exist. It is one of the heritages left by the Gods during the Genesis War. Over thousands of years, historians and theologists have always debated whether the tablet inscriptions found in Erathia No.7 tomb was real or not. According to the tablet inscription: by collecting and assembling all seven keys--"fate, war, eternity, time, destruction, sky and knowledge", you can open the door to heaven.
Use: Casts Timestill

Enhances attribute according to Time Wizard Gumball's skill (based on stats when used, increases by at least 1 point):
"Time Lv. 1" HP+10%
"Time Lv. 2" MP+10%
"Time Lv. 3" Attack+10%
"Time Lv. 4" Power+10%
"Time Lv. 5" Obtain Key of Eternity

Source(s): Carried by Time Wizard


  • After use, this key remains in inventory so that it may be used on the Gate of Creation.
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