Kars Camp
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Found in Kars Camp - Leaves when all items are purchased or after plunder

Item Cost
(Gas/Electricity/Uranium Ore)
5x Gene Segments (See below) 20k
1x Small Shield Generator 50k
1x Giant Shield Generator 150k
1x Space Transitioner 60k
1x Super Propellant 96k
1x Advanced Propellant 48k
1x Primary Propellant 20k
5x Common Space Wonder Material 12k
1x Rare Space Wonder Material 24k
2x Eden Accelerator (30m) 10k
2x Eden Accelerator (60m) 20k
2x Cultivation Accelerator (30m) 10k
2x Cultivation Accelerator (60m) 20k
2x Maintenance Accelerator (30m) 10k
2x Maintenance Accelerator (60m) 20k
100x Competent Cells 10k
200x Competent Cells 20k
500 Sabnock Coin(See #Space Currency Conversion) 20k

There is always one set of 5 gene segments for sale. Once you have completed one gene, segments for the next one become available upon your next visit. The clones that can be obtained at the merchant are, in order:

  1. Blood Beast (5/60)
  2. Calamity Pumpkin (5/60)
  3. Ghost (5/60)
  4. Void Walker (5/120)
  5. Ice Crystal Fiend (5/120)
  6. Lich (5/120)
  7. Chimera (5/200)
  8. Iceblade (5/200)
  9. Lava Giant (5/200)

You can choose to plunder immediately or after having done some purchase.
When selecting Plunder, you still have the option to run away.

If you fight:

  • F1056 A985 S876 L962 /E6.5M

Plunder reward is 2 items out of the following subset of the merchant's wares:

Item Chance
1x Small Shield Generator Low
1x Primary Propellant Average
5x Common Space Wonder Material High
1x Rare Space Wonder Material Low
2x Eden Accelerator (30m) Low
2x Eden Accelerator (60m) Low
2x Maintenance Accelerator (30m) Low
2x Maintenance Accelerator (60m) Low
2x Cultivation Accelerator (30m) Low
2x Cultivation Accelerator (60m) Low
200x Competent Cells High
500 Sabnock Coin(See #Space Currency Conversion) High

Space Currencies Note: For the sake of brevity, many of the space currency amounts are expressed in Sabnocks (Sabnock Coin) which is the currency of M01. It must be understood that currency received in truth is that of the sector you are in and that the amount received is the one stated in the table in Sabnocks multiplied by a conversion factor that depends solely on your sector (see #Space Currency Conversion).

Missions Occurrences Rate[edit source]

Any monster mission is slightly less frequent than an exploration mission of the same rarity. As there are also less unique monster missions than explorations (at least at low levels), we end up with way fewer monster missions being offered on average.

When available, any given rare mission is about twice less likely than any given common mission.
Any given super rare mission is 5 to 10 times less likely than any given common mission. The most likely super rare missions are the ones that have to be obtained many times to get the complete special rewards.

Space Currency Conversion[edit source]

It is assumed that for all sources of space coins, there is a conversion factor depending on the sector.

  • M01 Sabnock Coin, M05 Fanlu Coin, M09 Starry Coin, M13 Muse Coin: x1.0
  • M02 Birthigin Coin, M06 Chom Coin, M10 Joseph Coin, M14 Loes Coin: x2.0
  • M03 Elula Coin, M07 Sallin Coin, M11 Hazel Coin: x1.2
  • M04 Lamour Coin, M08 Ryan Coin, M12 Ledak Coin: x3.0
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