Kars Camp
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Kar's Camp

Kar's Camp

Primary Information Missions Edit

Name Type Min Level


Combat Intelligence
Electromagnetic Mushroom Kars Monster1 1

F572 A470 S695 L502 /E2.4M 

Lower Fantastic Beast Kars Monster1 1

F504 A663 S456 L558 /E2.4M 

  • 1x Uranium Ore Storage Device + 1500 Uranium Ore (60%) / 7x Maintenance Accelerator (5m) (40%)
Mutant Kars Monster1 1

F493 A537 S435 L656 /E2.3M 

  • 5x Cultivation Accelerator (10m) + 4x Small Storage Device
Mutant Flea Kars Monster1 1

F542 A431 S647 L485 /E2.3M

  • 10x Eden Accelerator (5m) + 80 Competent Cells (60%) or 10x Cultivation Accelerator (5m) (40%)
Poison Gas Mushroom Kars Monster1 1

F702 A516 S483 L596 /E2.5M

Cursed Cambion Kars Monster1 2

F727 A673 S532 L574 /E3.1M

  • 100 Competent Cells or 250 Sabnock Coin + Cursed Cambion Gene Segments (10/60)
  • 100 Competent Cells or 250 Sabnock Coin + 12x Eden Accelerator (5m) (Once Cursed Cambion is completed)
Lesser Element Kars Monster1 2

F656 A576 S527 L712 /E3.0M

Stone Statue Guard Kars Monster2 2

F742 A805 S695 L719 /E4.1M

Stone Statue Sentry Kars Monster1 3

F586 A772 S694 L638 /E3.6M

Tattooed Elf Kars Monster1 3

F595 A652 S702 L784 /E3.6M

  • First 6 times: 100 Competent Cells + Tattooed Elf Gene Segments (10/60)
  • Afterward: 100 Competent Cells + Moon Contract
  • Also: up to 3 times, the 100 Competent Cells are replaced by 5 Gem
Executioner Kars Monster2 3

F862 A705 S786 L742 /E4.6M

  • 8 times: 100 Competent Cells, Executioner (Clone) Gene Segments (15/120)
  • Afterward : 100 Competent Cells, 60k Coins
  • Also: up to ? times, the 100 Competent Cells are replaced by 5 Gem
Bat Deep Down Kars Monster1 4

F806 A726 S753 L701 /E4.1M

Dimensional Lizard Kars Monster1 4

F718 A695 S742 L793 /E4.1M

  • First time: Gumball Pot, Strange Fruit (Lizard max assign +6)
  • Afterward: Gumball Pot, 80k Coins
  • Also: up to 3? times, the Gumball Pot is replaced by a Golden Pot
Evil Eye Kars Monster2 4

F912 A786 S809 L858 /E5.2M

  • First time: 3,500(Gas/Electricity) + Wicked Eye (Evil Eye max assign. +3)
  • Afterwards: 3,500(Gas/Electricity) or 350 Sabnock Coin + 8x Cultivation Accelerator (10m)
Astral Hunter Kars Monster3 4

F1034 A905 S874 L972 /E6.3M

  • 10x: 400 Sabnock Coin or 1 rare Wonder Material + Astral Hunter gene segments (20/200)
  • Afterward: 400 Sabnock Coin or 1 rare Wonder Material + 3x Eden Accelerator (30m)
Poison Eye Kars Monster1 5

F738 A843 S692 L786 /E4.6M

  • 1st time: 7x Small Storage Device + Cursed eye (Poison Eye max assign +6)
  • Afterward: 7x Small Storage Device + 8x Cultivation Accelerator (10m)
Goblin Kars Monster1 5

F793 A705 S856 L742 /E4.6M

  • 140 Competent Cells (60%) or 70k Coins (40%) + Goblin Gene Segments (10/60)
  • Afterward: 140 Competent Cells (60%) or 70k Coins (40%) + 1x Gas Storage Device
Magic Mayfly Kars Monster2 5

F972 A780 S904 L842 /E5.8M

  • 8x: 7x Small Storage Device + Magic Mayfly gene segments (15/120)
  • Afterward: 7x Small Storage Device (60%) / 2x Storage Device (40%) + 1x Advanced Propellant
Auronling Kars Monster1 6

F795 A853 S812 L894 /E5.1M

  • 18x Eden Accelerator (5m) + 160 Competent Cells (60%) / 18x Eden Accelerator (5m) (40%)
Flame Mushroom Kars Monster1 7

F870 A886 S815 L834 /E5.5M

Little Demon Kars Monster1 6

F862 A805 S905 L793 /E5.2M

Plague Spore Kars Monster1 7

F896 A873 S912 L865 /E5.8M

Shadow Attendant Kars Monster1 7

F865 A763 S806 L826 /E5.3M

Steel Mushroom Kars Monster1 7

F882 A819 S826 L901 /E5.6M

Wandering Mage Kars Monster1 7

F869 A815 S786 L804 /E5.4M

  • 9x Small (Electricity, Gas, or Uranium) Storage Device + Wandering Mage Gene Segments (10/60)
  • Afterward: 9x Small Storage Device + 10x Eden Accelerator (10m)
Crawler Kars Monster1 8

F898 A906 S917 L865 /E6.0M

  • 12x Maintenance Accelerator (10m) + Moon Contract
  • Also: up to 5 times, the accelerators are replaced by 5 Gem
Hellhound Kars Monster1 8

F908 A867 S880 L893 /E5.8M

Nightmare War Horse Kars Monster2 8

F931 A954 S898 L927 /E6.6M

Macrophage Kars Monster1 9

F921 A886 S924 L949 /E6,386,570

Two-Headed Ogre Kars Monster1 9

F915 A938 S886 L895 /E6,262,684

Demon Mage Kars Monster2 9

F953 A948 S906 L977 /E7,012,687

  • 5600(Gas/Uranium Ore/Electricity) (60%) / 560 Sabnock Coin (40%) + Demon Mage Gene Segments (15/120)
  • Afterward: 5600(Gas/Uranium Ore/Electricity) (60%) / 560 Sabnock Coin (40%) + 35 Statue
Mercenary Kars Monster1 10

F944 A927 S985 L935 /E6,736,572

Spirit of Twist Kars Monster1 10

F929 A896 S953 L909 /E6,603,742

Giant Toad Kars Monster2 10

F984 A945 S1,127 L991 /E7,568,982

Nature Priest Kars Monster3 10

F1,002 A967 S1,059 L1,038 /E8,586,703

  • First 10 times: 3x Gumball Pot (60%) / 1x Rare Space Wonder Material (40%) + Nature Priest Gene Segments (20/200)
  • Afterward:
Rotten Merman Kars Monster1 11

F949 A908 S977 L963 /E7,0986,851

Wing Atua Kars Monster1 11

F963 A985 S912 L951 /E7,123,652

  • 120K Coins + 14 Eden Accelerator (10m)
Mutant Frog Kars Monster2 11

F997 A1,005 S956 L1,047 /E8,066,110

Killer Bee Kars Monster1 12

F975 A1,036 S927 L964 /E7,423,425

  • 250 Competent Cells (60%) / 6,400 Gas (40%) + 15x Cultivation Accelerator (10m)
Parasitic Fly Kars Monster1 12

F986 A971 S926 L1018 /E7,599,513

Naughty Fairy Kars Monster1 13

F1,037 A1,102 S964 L1,028 /E7,981,074

  • 680 Sabnock Coin + 136,000 Coins
  • Also: up to 5 times, the 136,000 Coins are replaced by 5 Gem
Predator Kars Monster1 13

F1,025 A987 S1,056 L1,069 /E7,906,871

Transformed Man Kars Monster1 13

F1,016 A1,078 S964 L1,056 /E7,806,870

  • 136k Coins + 2x Energy Storage Device
Laser Bird Kars Monster1 14

F1055 A1102 S1009 L1068 /E8378034

Night-gaunt Kars Monster1 14

F1046 A1039 S1015 L1087 /E8280354

Mech Flying Fish Kars Monster1 15

F1,077 A1,108 S1,044 L1,086 /E8,774,104

Ranie Kars Monster1 15

F1064 A1070 S1005 L1121 /E8608248

  • 760 Sabnock Coin (60%) / 7600 Gas (40%) + Ranie Gene Segments (10/60)
Void Transition Beast Kars Monster2 15

F1,149 A1,108 S1,207 L1,165 /E9,512,343

Space Currencies Note: For the sake of brevity, many of the space currency amounts are expressed in Sabnocks (Sabnock Coin) which is the currency of M01. It must be understood that currency received in truth is that of the sector you are in and that the amount received is the one stated in the table in Sabnocks multiplied by a conversion factor that depends solely on your sector (see #Space Currency Conversion).

Missions Occurrences RateEdit

Any monster mission is slightly less frequent than an exploration mission of the same rarity. As there are also less unique monster missions than explorations (at least at low levels), we end up with way fewer monster missions being offered on average.

When available, any given rare mission is about twice less likely than any given common mission.
Any given super rare mission is 5 to 10 times less likely than any given common mission. The most likely super rare missions are the ones that have to be obtained many times to get the complete special rewards.

Space Currency Conversion Edit

It is assumed that for all sources of space coins, there is a conversion factor depending on the sector.

  • M01 Sabnock Coin, M05 Fanlu Coin, M09 Starry Coin, M13 Muse Coin: x1.0
  • M02 Birthigin Coin, M06 Chom Coin, M10 Joseph Coin: x2.0
  • M03 Elula Coin, M07 Sallin Coin, M11 Hazel Coin: x1.2
  • M04 Lamour Coin, M08 Ryan Coin, M12 Ledak Coin: x3.0
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