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Kars Camp
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Kar's Camp

In each Space field you may gather Intelligence Pieces by expropriating planets.

The Kars Camp can always be found on the X planet. Here you may exchange intelligence for information.

When you reach sufficient standing you may unlock additional intelligence levels, which will provide you with a wider choice of options. Note: Each of the 3 sections may use the free "daily reset" individually.

Name Type Rewards
Businessman Kars Merchant.png See: Untrackable Businessman for details (always costs 800 intelligence)
Combat Intelligence
Combat Kars Monster1.pngKars Monster2.pngKars Monster3.png See: Kars Camp Combat Intelligence for details.
Exploration Intelligence
Explore Kars Explore1.pngKars Explore2.png See: Kars Camp Exploration Intelligence for details.
Top Secret Explore
Top Secret Explore Kars Explore3.png See: Top Secret Explore for details.

If activated in a sector, it has to be completed in the same sector.