Jumanji Chessboard Jumanji Chessboard
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This ancient board has on it carvings of hunters, apes, rhinos, and elephants. Although the rules of the game are simple, once the game starts, one must see it through to the end. Every step forward is an adventure, and only until one reaches the end of their journey can everything be restored to its original condition.
All enemies' abilities are enhanced, monsters appear at random on each floor

Enter game mode after putting it on: continuously advance 10 floors (can not take off halfway) of the maze, and then the checkerboard will disappear.
Gumball's Attack +6, Power +6

Source(s): Gods' Chessboard


  • Contrary to the description, the item can be removed before completion. This will reset the board's progress to 0. Resetting the board is useful for getting Cooking ingredients when using Chef.
  • This item functions similarly to Turtle Master's Shell: While equipped, this item provides no bonuses. After wearing the item for 10 consecutive floors it will disappear and provide the listed bonus for the run.
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