Jessy's Cat Jessy's Cat
Type: Summons
This piebald wild cat covered with sludges looks like a skeleton coated in skin. It must have been starving for a long time, but it still lies near Jessy intimately, unwilling to leave.
Use: summon Jessy's Cat (valid in the Maze)
Source(s): Chuchu: Dropped by Infected Jessy

Jessy's Cat

  • Inherits 40% of HP, 60% of Attack (ignoring buffs like Bless and Blade of Ruin)
  • Pouncing Bite: When attacking, adds Blind effect (lasts for 2 rounds)
  • Dexterous: +25% dodge

Be aware that the Cat's Blind effect will override any standard slot debuff you have placed on the monster, including stuns.

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