Javana's Manuscript Javana's Manuscript
Type: Consumable
... "1 January, 1663" Ol Jackman said Plane Prophet were unable to create a fantasy land. He belittles my prowess!

... "3 March, 1663" The barrier has been completed. It's time to collect the first sample. I heard someone spotted a wandering Stone Giant near the desert...
... "9 April, 1663" It was really hard to imitate this giant. What a glorious day!
... "7 April, 1663" The oceanic disaster of the Endless Sea? Let it be my second piece of collection!
... "3 January, 1665" Damn it! I didn't expect the Nightmare Dragon to be this powerful... I was so close to death...
... "5 June, 1666" The Knowledge Tree has appeared along with the Jade Dragon! What the hell is going on?
... "1 March, 1669" Rumour about a new fire-breathing creature in the Endless Abyss is spreading. I shall set off today...

Use: Receive 500 EP
Source(s): Javana's Fantasy Land
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