Great Architect's Manuscript Jackman's Magic Notebook
Type: Consumable
This magic notebook with the smell of mildew was written by Jackman, the greatest necromancer from the west continent. According to people who came in contact with Jackman, he was for sure the hardest one to communicate with. He was like a vast container filled with all negative emotions you were ever aware of. He was somewhat wooden, inarticulate but very cunning. His heart seemed weak but he was extremely brutal and constantly suspicious of others. He would consider a small joke a challenge to his dignity. An explosion took place in his lab (Jackman died in the accident) and finally all the souls he had imprisoned went free. It took three whole days for all those souls to fly out, including three of his tutors, 40 of his apprentices, five wives, two children, a maid who shaped his nails and an actress from the circus...
Use: Gain 200 EP. Decrease EP cost by 20% to upgrade Magic Titles.
Source(s): Use Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections"
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