Adventurer's PotionSpider's VenomBandit's Potion A single Potion may be selected upon entering a Dungeon. A Potion can not be brought back of the maze if is NOT consumed.


Vanilla FlourCream BerryMagic Bean Pod Ingredients are used to feed gumballs, upgrading their stats and skills. Well fed gumballs have more energy in airship battles.

See: Ingredient

Alchemy MaterialEdit

Magic IronDark SteelArcane Crystal Alchemy Materials are obtained primarily through the Alchemy Workshop.

Other GoodsEdit

Melee RelicsAdventure RelicsMagic RelicsRelic Fragments, used to create/upgrade/repair the three main basic types of Artifacts.

Celestial GoodsEdit

Misc Supplies
Relics Fragment
Mysterious Statue
Captain's Diary
Battery Pack

Rainbow ContractStar ContractMoon Contract Sky Contracts are used to open temples in Sky exploration.

Airship Materials

Olefin AlloyPhoton CoreTesla Circuit Airship Materials are used to upgrade airships.


Rune Explore 4Rune Plunder 4Rune Avenge 4 Runestones are used before entering an airship battle.

Energy Crystals

EnergyCrystal Energy Crystals are primarily obtained from sky colossus battles and as rewards for sky mazes.


Blueprints are used to upgrade your Airship to 6 stars. These can be purchased with Alliance coins from the Alliance Shop


Robots are used by your fleet in Sky Exploration and Space.

Eden goods Edit

Dungeon Equipment Edit

Various Equipment items found in Maze exploration. Can be equipped by Gumballs to improve stats in a maze. Some items are considered a Suit or set, and will provide additional bonuses.

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