Infinity Gems Blue Infinity Gems
Type: Consumable
This (red/blue/ect) oval crystalline is one of Divine Dragon's collections. According to the dragon. this gem possesses unlimited energy, which earned it the name "Infinity Stone". Since its creation, countless battles were waged for it between different races in the universe in the past thousands of years... Well, based on our previous experiences. we can only believe in about 50% of what the dragon tells us. However, I'm sure this gem is worth a fortune as the dragon's eyes were filled with tears for parting with it when he gave it to you.
Use: HP +300 (red), MP +300 (blue), Power +15 (purple), Attack +15 (yellow), Defense +10 (orange), or Dodge +15%, Max Dodge +5% (green)
Source(s): Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections"

God's Chessboard book ability "Treasure of the Kings" level 10

Infinity Gem Name Effect
Infinity Gem Red Infinity Gems Red HP+300
Infinity Gem Blue Infinity Gems Blue MP+300
Infinity Gem Purple Infinity Gems Purple Power+15
Infinity Gem Yellow Infinity Gems Yellow Attack+15
Infinity Gem Orange Infinity Gems Orange Defense +10
Infinity Gem Green Infinity Gems Green Dodge +15%, Max Dodge +5%
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