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|eh7=Siren's Eye
|eh7=Siren's Eye
|ef7=Effect +25%
|ef7=Effect +25%
|eh8=The Water Suit
|eh8=Water Mastery Suit
|ef8=Water effect bonus +25%
|ef8=Water effect bonus +25%
|eh9=Geraint's Swordsmanship Scroll
|eh9=Geraint's Swordsmanship Scroll

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Icicle Icicle
Rank: ✮✮✮ Element: Water
MP: 11 Type: Damage
Effect Cause damage on a single target and stop the target from taking any action (It lasts for 2 rounds. Only 1 round on a boss)


Source Effect
Ghost Captain Get and transcribe, water effect bonus
Water Master Get, water effect bonus
Poseidon Transcribe, water effect bonus, stat bonus
Mage Damage effect bonus
Toxin Brew Device Damage effect bonus
Lord of Elemental Damage effect bonus
Siren's Eye Effect +25%
Water Mastery Suit Water effect bonus +25%
Geraint's Swordsmanship Scroll Effect +5%
Swan's Signet Effect bonus +10%


$ D = 2*(P+3)*(1+E) $

Rounded down to the nearest whole number

D=Spell damage
P=Gumball's power
E=Enhancement (cumulative)
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