Ice Snow Crown Ice Snow Crown
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Helmet
This gorgeous crown, inlaid with a translucent ice crystal at the top, exudes a burst of biting cold, preventing anyone from approaching it. Rumor has it that this ice crystal is knnown as the "Eternal Tears", it holds a legend behind it: Frost Queen Gumball was born with the power to conrol ice and snow. However, she was afraid that this power would do harm to the innocent and hid this secret in her heart till the day of coronation. An accident on the ascension ceremony led to the outburst of her magical power, covering the whole empire in ice and snow... The queen was branded as an outcast. All alone, she walked into the snowy mountain, leving nehind(sic) a drop of tear, and this drop of tear turned into the ice crystal inlad on the crown.
Power+3, MP+30
Summon Ice Castle everytime you enter the next floor.

This ice crystal castle is gorgeous and majestic. From time to time, it overflows the air with strong magical cold wind! Random effect when present: decreases damage suffered by 20%, increases effect of Water spells by 20%, or recovers 3 MP every 10 rounds
Source(s): Carried by Frost Queen
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