Holy Thorns Crown Holy Thorns Crown
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Helmet
This golden crown doesn't represent kingship or glory as one might imagine; it is, however, a very cruel tool for punishment. It is weaved of spiked briar, so when you put it on, the spikes will pierce into the brain, causing tremendous pain. It is said that a soldier once put it on the head of the Son of God, who suffered inhuman tortures before he was crucified. In the later ages, people use "Crown of Thorns" to describe the unbearable pain.
Attack +8 , Lose HP 5% every time you enter the next floor
Suit: Light Sacred Artifact
Source(s): Hell Frontier - Craft using Drawing of Holy Thorns Crown, Demon Thorns x3 and Light Elemental Crystals x30
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