Holy Rune Master Holy Rune Master
Adventure Title
Main Effect Learn the title to upgrade Magic Crucible to Arcane Crucible (Able to combine low-grade Spells to Advanced spells)
Bonus Effect Attack +2/4/6, HP +40/60/80, MP +40/60/80

Get Magic Rune x2 per upgrade

Artifact Bonus Cloak of Holy Rune Master: Enhance to immediately receive 2 Magic Rune
EP 500 per upgrade (5000 total)

Treasure Seeker
Night Walker
Demon Hunter (Title)
Rune Master
Blacksmith (Title)
Magic Bandit
Elven Ranger
Treasure Hunter
Royal Rune Master
Weapon Master
Royal Blacksmith
God of Thieves
Farplane Ranger
Great Elf King
Legendary Hunter
Holy Rune Master
Holy Rune Master
Great Enchanter
Great Swordsmith
Holy Blacksmith
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