Being the most ancient race of the land, Holy Dragon Gumball had been living in the cliff at the Ice Horn. Many powerful summoners had attempted to enter into contract with it but eventually turned themselves into diamond statues.


Lower the requirement to combine Holy Crystal by -/-8%/-12%/-16%/-20%.

Exclusive Skill

As the oldest race on the continent, Divine Giant Dragon Gumball is able to enhance damage-dealing magic effects by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25% (Up to 200%). The effect lasts for 10 rounds. Carry Divine Favor *3 by default when you select it to enter the maze. Transcribe scrolls each 3 floors to receive Divine Favor *1.


Attack +1 +2
Power +2 +4 +5 +6
Armor +3


Rank1 - 3: Max Hp:+60 Max Mp:+60

Rank4: Max Hp:+40 Max Mp:+40 MP +1 when kill each enemy in the maze

Rank5: Max Hp:+40 Max Mp:+60 Armor:+36.

Max Level

<Gumball reached 5 stars>









How to Get

Upgrade Holy Crystal Resource to 15lv max (3,000,000 gold), summon it in workshop.

(200,000 gold for level 1, 600,000 for level two, 1,200,000 for level three, 2,000,000 for level four, 4,000,000 for max level, total up is equal to 11,000,000 gold)

PS:【Max Level】means that the gumball reached 5 stars,feeding completed,equiping weapon and certifacate.

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