This suit is related to the Gods' Chessboard maze

Full Suit Bonus:

  • Attack+5%, Power +5%
  • When attacking, 10% chance to trigger Fire Ball
  • When attacking, 10% chance to trigger Death Ripple
Name Icon Rank Type Effect
Solid Shield Solid Shield 5 Treasure Defense +8

Reflect enemy's damage +20% when damage is taken

Queen's Crown Queen's Crown 5 Head HP+50, MP+100

Inflicts 20% extra damage when you attack Element

Lifeguard's Armor Lifeguard's Armor 5 Armor HP+100

Decrease Blood-leech effect by 30%

Bishop Cloak Bishop Cloak 5 Cloak Power+5, MP+30

Receives 1 Light scroll at random for advancing every 3 floors

Knight's Lance Knight's Lance 5 Hand Attack+10

When attacking, 10% chance to deal 3 damages

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