There are various "hidden" gumballs available to be found in the game, all of which require a special trick, or take a little extra effort to unlock beyond simply buying them in the shop, joining an event or completing a Maze. Some can only be found once you've created a statue at the Fane Expansion, or in a special maze in the Sky or even Space. Event gumballs are not rare and most will eventually show up in the Mercenary Camp as well, alternatively you may have to wait a few months to be able to get them.

Maze Gumballs Edit

See the maze page for details how to obtain the hidden gumball.

Maze Gumball
Adventurer's Forest Sorcerer
Hero's Village Zorro
Lost Temple Predator
Borderland Dark Dragon
Ancient Arena Spartan / Peter
Forest of Whispers Sunflower
Saint's Tower Prince
Desert Oasis Lamp
Bloody Fortress Lich King / Peter
Dracula's Castle Vampire Hunter
Hell Frontier Satan's Son
Chaos Abyss Cyclops
Pirate's Port Kraken Captain
Skeleton Island Ghost Captain
City of Steam Future Cat
Avalon Fortress Pinocchio
Spacecraft Ruins Bloody Wolf
Erathia Raptor
Gods' Chessboard Checkers
Cloud Island Orochi
Eden's Land Doctor Octopus
Card Wonderland Wondrous Cube
Bracada College Revenge Archer
Sdorica Puggi
District 91 Troll


Special Action Gumballs Edit

*** Fragments :: Continue doing same action (ie, summon dragon again, spend gem, revive) or using Golden pot for some gumballs

Spending Return Package GumballsEdit

Sky Exploration Gumballs Edit

There are 4 gumballs at Sky special stages: Justice Herald, Zerg Queen, Commander and Black Warrior

** For fragments, buy from Celestial Market, golden pots, or find in Space Rifts.

Space Gumballs Edit

Cerebrate get from asteroid Botis in Space/M01 from maze Terran Base

Sugar get from planet Birthigin in Space/M02 from Railway Station

Wilderness Hunter get from planet Elula in Space/M03 by collecting a ton of stuff


Hastur get from planet Yuggoth in Space/M05 from main quest system

Eternal Titan gumball from planet Vormir in Space/M05 with sacrificing clones (unlock Dark Path first, get more frags by sacrificing clones every day)

Darkin gumball in Space/M06 from main quest system

Berserker gumball from Kars mission lvl4: Charmans Prison (investigate to get then subsequent 10 more times for max frags)

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