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Hex.png Hex
Rank: ✮✮✮✮ Element: Dark
MP: 13 Type: Aid
Effect Decrease enemy's Attack and HP. Remove all features.

Effect details:

  • lasts for 4 rounds (+buffs)
  • Duration against Boss is halved, rounded-up.
  • uses standard debuff slot
  • is a control spell and comes with the usual immunity to further control spells for duration + 3 rounds


Source Effect
Kraken Captain Effect bonus (passive)
Fallen Angel Dark effect bonus
Dark Master Dark effect bonus
Legendary Mage Aid effect bonus
Voodoo Cloak Effect bonus +25%
Dark Mastery Suit Dark effect bonus +25%
Candy Witch Starts with 2 scrolls when selected


Duration bonus against regular creatures appears to be 1 round for each +25% effect bonus rounded down.

Independent of power

Dec=Decrease in HP or attack
X=Enemy HP or attack
E=Enhancement (cumulative)