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Hero's Village
Hero's Village
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock with at least 5 dp after clearing Adventurer's Forest
Normal reward Swordsman & Zorro gumball
Raid boost Gang Cadre
Raid reward Magic Iron, Dark Steel +8

Complete maze to get the Swordsman gumball.

Hidden Gumball

How to get Zorro:

  1. Get Zorro's Mask from Zorro's Corpse
  2. Zorro's Mask reached the max level (By killing Bandits)
  3. Find Zorro at boss stage in 60/F or above

Repeat the process for 20 Fragments. Can be made easier to complete by using Zorro Gumball to start with Zorro's Mask.


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Bully: Attack Decreased each time an ally is killed EP Old Poker
Butcher Human
Infuriate: Attack doubles when HP drop below 50% Special Suit (Rank 1) Cross
Assassin Human
Backstab: Attack once every 4 rounds & cause 300% damage to enemies Knight's Suit part Holy Cup
Drunkard Human
Make Spirits: Double Butcher & Bandit's Attack while being present EP Old Bronze Mirror
Musketeer Human
Shooting: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds Hunter's Leather Armor or Hunter's Storage Chest Hunter's Long Boots
Scoundrel Leader Human
See Boss section Strange Statue Statue of Black Leopard



Two unkillable tents spawn with him.  You can destroy the tents with a Torch (but let 2+ enemies come out first to kill and reduce the Boss' Resistance).

Floor Attack HP Halo
30 20 357 40%
40 36 723 40%
50 61 1409 40%
60 105 2654 60%
70 166 4914 60%
80 282 8939 60%
90 507  ? 80%
100 858 ?? 80%


  • Rascal's Halo: Physical Resistance+ X%, Magic Resistance +X% (See table above)
  • Explosive Shot: Launches an attack once every 3 rounds to deal normal damage on the enemy and additionally bring burning effect. ( Loses X HP each round, X = Attack of the Boss at the time of the Explosive Shot, lasting for 3 rounds ).
  • Bully: Physical Resistance and Magic Resistance will be decreased by 20% when a companion is killed.


Village in Ruins: Floors 10 (Difficulty 3) - 1 vigor

Statue of Sword and Fire: Floors 15 (Difficulty 3) - 1 vigor

Rescue! Hero's Heart!: Floors 20 (Difficulty 4) - 1 vigor

Special Items & Maze Mechanics

The Third Arm:
Enemies killed with The Third Arm sometimes drop items:

The arms upgrades when you have cleared a set amount of tents.

Zorro's Mask:
Found on Zorro's Corpse, this item upgrades when you kill a set amount of bandits. You need it fully upgraded to get Zorro or his fragments (see #Hidden Gumball)

Special Occurrences


Vagrant's Tent
Vagrant's Tent

- Spawns an enemy every 5 rounds for a maximum of 10 extra enemies per tent. Click on it to enter a cave and find enemies inside as well as one of the following:

  • Wooden Desk - upgrade The Third Arm (equivalent to clearing about 10 tents) or get Bandit's Diary
  • Poker Table - Gamble with your EP before killing the enemies. Get Old Poker.
  • Storage Chest - get Cross, Old Bronze Mirror, Holy Cup, Strange Statue, or Music Box
  • Tied Boar - BBQ for Roasted Meat or release and it will join you (drops meat anyway when it dies)
  • Iron Wok - stat increase
  • Fairy's Steel Cage - get rewards immediately by releasing, or let her go and she'll come back to give you rewards multiple times later
  • Old anvil: Upgrade an item from a Melee Suit or Mage Suit.
Charred Tent
Torches found in maze can be thrown to burn the tent. All of the enemies in the tent will turn into corpses (amount of corpses depends on the original spawn in the tent). You can still find the items mentioned above, however, you cannot gamble but still get Old Poker and the Tied Boar directly becomes Roasted Meat. It's a nice way to deal with the tent, but it doesn't count for Zorro's Mask.

Earth-made Trap
Earth Trap
Four cannons are set upon the fort barbette with a strong stench of sulfur emanating from the barrels

Click on it to use it:

  • Shoots in four directions and damages visible enemies along its path

Note: Kills by the trap are properly credited to your Gumball so any skill or item requiring that *you* kill enemies will work with kills by the trap.

Burning Bonfire
Burning Bonfire
This pile of bonfire is burning and makes a "crackling" sound from time to time.

- Gives 1-2 Torches

Rubbish Dump
Trash Can 1

- Poison effect. Drops Military Shovel on first use, otherwise gives coins or EP.

Strange Floor
Strange Floor
This brick's pattern is slightly different from others. You should try digging if you have the tools

- Dig up using the Military Shovel. Gives coins, gem (limited), and other items.

Hidden Box
Obsidian Casket
This heavy stone chest has obviously been reinforced. Several numbered buttons are installed to its side.

- Password if from the Bandit's Diary: 165324. Gives coins

Old Steel Safe - The code for the safe is the address in the safe's description.

Once Only

  • Artisan's Statue - You can build "Artisan's Statue" after you leave the maze
  • Camping Tent - You can build new device in Alchemist Workshop after leaving the maze: Field Survival Kit
  • Retention Tank - You can build "Cooling Device" after you leave the maze.
  • Champion's Heart - Combine Champion's Heart with the World Tree to unlock the "Training Room" after you leave the maze.


Corpse Occur. Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Zorro's Corpse
Zorro's Corpse
1x/run Zorro's Mask Zorro's Soul: Increase Attack by 2. Equip Zorro's Mask to get double growth
Broken Puppet
Pinocchio's Corpse
1x/run Pinocchio's Potion Pinocchio's Soul: Puppet Spirit status (Attack+5 Power+5, decrease damage suffered by 75%, valid on floor)
Ninjutsu Shrine
1x/run Ninjutsu Scroll Nine Tail's Broken Soul: Increase the effects of all fire spells by 3%
Hero's Statue
Hero's Statue
Many Salute for stat gain Augustus' Broken Soul: Heroic Spirit status (Attack+10 Defense+3, valid on floor)
Charred Body
Charred Body
Must burn Tents with Torch
Random Third Arm item Broken Mercenary Soul: Recover HP by 30

Complete Mercenary Soul: HP +20
Broken Scoundrel's Soul: Cast Stoneskin
Complete Scoundrel's Soul: Cast Blade of Ruin

Out-of-Maze Loot

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.


  • The Old Anvil is a relatively rare occurrence inside the tents but it is enough to greatly increase the chance of obtaining some sets. You can, for instance, increase the chance of completing the Dragon Scale Suit by buying and keeping pieces of the Shadow Suit or even Order Suit when you don't already have the corresponding pieces in the Dragon Scale Suit in the hope that you might later upgrade those pieces.


Description DP Notes
G Get Strange Statue x2 2
S Get Zorro's Mask x3 2
S Use Ninjutsu Scroll x3 2
S Use Pinocchio's Potion x3 2
G Use Holy Cup x5 2
G Use Old Bronze Mirror x3 1
G Use Music Box x3 1
G Use Cross x3 1
G Zorro's Mask reaches max level 3 Don't enter tents until they've spawned as many enemies as possible. Use the Farplane Ranger title to get a soul from zorro's corpse. This will double the mask's leveling progress. (max: 4 stars)
G The Third Arm gets 6 stars 3
G Equip Third Arm Plunder x50 3
G Kill Bandit x60 1
G Kill Assassin x60 1
G Kill Drunkard x60 1
G Kill Musketeer x60 1
G Kill first BOSS 1
G Kill Boss x3 3
G Clear Vagrant's Tent x50 2
G Kill enemy with Battery x10 2
S Reach floor 30 1
S Reach floor 40 2
S Reach floor 50 3
G Search rubbish dump x10 2
S Salute Hero's Statue x3 2
S Save the little fairy x3 2
S Open hidden box x3 2 Use the code from the bandit diary (165324).
S Excavate strange floor x10 2 Get the shovel by searching in rubbish dumps. The strange floor has a checkered pattern.
G Touch Crystal Ball x3 3
G Taste Bandit Soup x5 2
G Enhance Equipment with Anvil x3 2
G Let the boar go x3 2
G Roast the Tied Boar x3 2
G Earn EP from gambling x3 2 Enter a tent and click on the card table before killing the enemies.
G Lose EP from gambling x2 2
G Butcher comes out of the tent x50 3
G Buy Scroll from Shop x30 1
G HP reaches 200 2
G Use exploration potion x5 2 Take any potion in the maze and use it.
G Obtain hidden Gumball 2

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