Complete event mazes to get the Blue Shark gumball (requires 30 fragments)


  • Jan 13-16, 2017
  • Apr 28-30, 2017


Hard (15F, 3 Vigor)Edit

Boss - Blue Shark

  • 3000 HP, 60 Attack
  • Generate shield every 5 turns that absorbs damage and heal boss (sustain 2 turns)
  • Destroy the elecromagnetic machines for extra rewards, including gems
  • Drops 7-9 fragments

If both electromagnetic machines are destroyed, Blue Shark will become enraged and turn red. He regains 1500 HP and his attack greatly increases. Defeating him in this state yields 10-12 fragments.

One way to do it, is to open the Gate of Arsenal with war chip that Machine Herald is carrying. The gate contains nine grenades. Then the grenades bust be timed with the shield so the herald doesn't die before the machines.

Common (10F, 2 Vigor)Edit

Boss - Blue Shark

  • 1800 HP, 44 Attack
  • Electromagnetic thing attracts attacks from Zerg Eggs
  • Drops 3-5 fragments

Simple (5F, 1 Vigor)Edit

Boss - Blue Shark

  • 800 HP, 28 attack
  • Electromagnetic thing attracts attacks from Zerg Eggs
  • Drops 1-2 fragments

Raid (3 Vigor, 5-6 fragment) Edit

Special ItemsEdit

Airdropped Goods - gives Emergency Order, and Mechanical Power Artificial Leg or Electromagnetic Protection Cloak or Supercomputer

Intelligent computer:

  • Download learning materials - stat bonus (supercomputer helps increase stat bonus (core upgrade))
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Read something else

Shabby Computer:

  • Always explodes, gives a Dynamic Gear

Strange Computer (Hard mode only)

  • Insert War Chip from Machine Herald (Terminator's time machine can be used on 4F to get a war chip without the machine herald)
  • Opens the Gate of Arsenal in later levels (gives grenades for boss fight)

Killer's Corpse - gives Colt 1911 (100 damage, up to 7 uses)

Killer's Corpse - gives Dynamic Gear and Killer's Diary (200-300 EP)


Save 6 gears to deactivate the two platforms in the boss room. Left one debuffs his HP and the right one his attack by 50%.

Recommended Teams:

  1. Red Dragon (Light Paladin), Commando and Predator or Dark Dragon. (it is possible that you need a second heal from Light Paladin Title (upgraded melee armor needed for that), depends on the item you get in the dungeon)
  2. You also can use Machine need for other Gumballs or whatever. Its autowin with the grenades from the locked Gate of Arsenal.
  3. Gradiator (light paladin), holy warrior, zerg (simple and common): you will get total 6 eggs on the last floor. Just use 2 is enough. So you can you egg one each from floor 11th.
  4. Mage (lord of elemental), Witch, genie (hard): key of this team is to use magic carpet (genie) to loop back and gain't more clogs and gears as well as all attribute boost while witch will heal you while casting spells.

Fragment ShopEdit

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