Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M02, x20y24

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Telephone Booth
Heinila - Telephone Boot
40 Unmanned Tram
Heinila - Unmanned Tram
This mysterious tram stops in the center of the forest. It actually works normally. Who is using it?
60-65 Founding Village
Heinila - Founding Village
In the center of the village, there stands a big tree emitting colorful light; and the bottom of the tree is covered with strange plants.
100 Infinite Mountain
Heinila - Infinite Mountain
This mountain exudes a dangerous atmosphere. It is very steep and has only a slender path that circles around the wall and seems to have no end.

Special InteractionsEdit

Unmanned Tram - Investigate Edit

Reward: 1 Space Transitioner, 2 Eden Accelerator (60m)

Founding Village - Investigate Edit

You open the intertwined plants and discover a Digital Egg hidden in it.
Reward: Digital Egg, 500 Competent Cells, 5x Cultivation Accelerator (30m)

Infinite Mountain - Investigate Edit

As you walk up the mountain road, you meet an angel on the top of the mountain. It is very angry at your aggression and even shows you its weapon!
Opens "Melee"

Infinite Mountain - Melee Edit

Fight a Seraph, 1072/680/804/742 E 5,760,000

Pink BeastEdit

Originally on Heinila, then moves.

Kill pink beast (click on it t planet background and kill it again on other planets, depending if its 3/6/9/12 o'clock it hints the direction)


Stock :

Full Exploration time = 10 days at 100% Efficiency.

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