Heavenly King Heavenly King Gold Statue
Trial requirement Heavenly King evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Heavenly King Pearls, 5 Three-eye King Fragments, 30 Fruit of World Tree

Pearl Cost

10x Heavenly King Pearl
1x Three-eye King Pearl

Statue Cost

20 Holy Crystal
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)
3x Themis (Lv. 420)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Lower Clone capacity +6

  • Forge/upgrade pagoda at anvil
  • Touch mysterious lampstand
  • Use exclusive skill and kill banshee (outside)
  • Touch, Skill on banshee (outside)
  • Touch mysterious lampstand
  • Enter haunted house
  • Use skill on banshee
  • Exit haunted house
  • Touch, skill banshee(outside)
  • Touch,enter haunted house
  • Skill banshee
  • Exit haunted house
  • Touch, skill banshee(outside)
  • Touch, enter haunted house
  • Skill banshee
  • Search box, use all elixir of life

Upgrade Title: Treasure seeker 1, explorer 1, demon hunter 1, elven ranger 1, great elf king 1*

  • Exit haunted house
  • Touch,
  • use music box
  • Skill on boss
  • Touch and skill x2 - WIN
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