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Heart of the Ocean.png Heart of the Ocean
Rank: ✮✮✮✮ Type: Necklace
This priceless blue diamond was prepared by Tuya Kingdom's Prince Hawkley for his fiancee Rose. But on the day before the wedding, Rose eloped with a painter named Jack. Hawkley was terribly angry, he commanded military troops to search the entire city, but he could not find any trace of them. This story was widespread, every lover admires this couple. However, the truth of the matter was far from what people expected. Soon after Jack and Rose ran away, Jack found he couldn't stand Rose's over-pampered habits. They had a big fight, then he stole this valuable diamond when Rose was sleeping and set out alone, never to be seen again.

Increase the effect of all Water spells by 30%

Source(s): Found in Skeleton Island