Head Hoop Head Hoop
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Helmet
This solid circlet was specifically designed for the slaves by a slave owner from the farplane. It was made of a universal memory alloy, once worn, it will be near impossible to take off. If the slaves disobey its owner's command, the owner can activate the circlet by voice, which will cause the circlet to contract to the point where it can even crush the wearer's skull.

Lose 5% HP each time you enter the next floor (attach extra effect based on the Monkey King's Skill)
"Havoc in Heaven LV.1" Pain+5
"Havoc in Heaven LV.2" HP-2%
"Havoc in Heaven LV.3" Pain+5
"Havoc in Heaven LV.4" Randomly enhance one attribute
"Havoc in Heaven LV.5" Pain+10

Source(s): Carried by Monkey King
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