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Harvan's Lab
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock 70 exploration
Normal reward Harvan's Familiar (Magic Lizard)

Medal of Bone

Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 1500 Relics

5 Mithril
5 Arcane Crystal

Harvan's Lab is a Sky Maze that can appear after exploring the sky 70 times.

Overview Edit

Floors: 5
Harvan's Lab deals entirely with undead. While the run itself is trivial from the start, the floor boss on the final floor has insanely high HP and attack, requiring an upgradable ring found on the first floor to be defeated. However, there are not enough stock enemies to drop the necessary upgrade materials, so some strategy is required to reach max upgrade.

Recommended Build Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Get Harvan's Bone Ring from the apprentice's corpse on the first floor. This item gives extra damage and protection against undead. It is absolutely necessary to have it. It is upgraded with Skulls.

You will find a lot of skulls but there's a way to get a bit more, to reach 99% damage reduction from undead and 990% damage increase to undead. Reaching max level on the ring is absolutely necessary against the final boss.

There are two types of enemies on floors 1 through 4.

  • Skeleton Swordsman: They drop skulls. When found they may and should be immediately killed.
  • Skeleton Mage: The Skeleton Mage summons a Skeleton Swordsman every 3 rounds up to a maximum of 5 times. There is one mage per floor - do not kill it. Try to find him before clearing the floor. Once you've found it, continue opening tiles and performing actions (picking up items, killing Skeleton Swordsmen, etc.) so that it spawns more swordsmen. These swordsmen will yield additional skulls. Once the mage has summoned all the swordsmen, you can kill it - their hourglass timer will vanish when they run out of summons.
  • Boss: The boss has 2000 HP and 997 attack damage. It has timed attack and will stay passive unless you attack it.

En route to the final floor, you will also find 3 Bone Staves, Undead Armor (cannot be upgraded here), and various stat boost items. Use boosts and wear the armor. Don't use the staves, as the huskies may kill summoners.

Once you reach the 5th floor, your ring should be +8. There will be 8 Skeleton Swordsmen, 2 Skeleton Mages, the boss, and an upgrade altar. Use the same methodology from the previous floors to get more skulls on the boss floor to upgrade the ring to +10. You are now almost immune to damage from undead and should be able to kill the boss in a few hits and take almost no damage.

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